Brochures & Collateral


Delivering Your Brand & Message Right into Their Hands.

Create the tools to communicate to customers, prospects and make other companies wish they were you. Collateral material is a great way to leave valuable information with prospects or current customers when you can’t be there. It keeps working for you after you have left or even down the road as a reminder of your services and/or products. Use your print material to drive others to your website for additional information. Data has said that print material is seen as more reliable and adds more confidence to those receiving it because it is permanent and can’t be changed instantly like online content.

Kaiser Institute Corporate Folder and Inserts

Kiaser Institute

Learning Organization for CEOs, CFOs & Director Levels in the Medical Field

Corporate Folder

The Institute can customize for any of its three programs separately or in combination with each other. It is also the follow-up piece that lays out the whole program for its prospective attendees.

[Link to Direct Mailer]

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Titan Medical Staffing Corporate Folder &

Titan Medical Group

Medical Professional Staffing Firm

Corporate Folder

Titan Medical is a medium-size company whose image made them look small. They were trying to get into medical organizations like Mayo Clinic, but the perception was they couldn’t handle the needs of a company that size. We rebranded Titan into a company that could meet the needs of any client. One of the tools developed was this interactive presentation folder that helped the salesperson show prospective health care systems what Titan could bring to their organizations and made a strong impression that let Titan play in the big leagues.

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Marriott Digital Services Leisure Week Event follow-up Recap material


Marriot Digital Services

MDS Leisure Week Recap Digital Booklet

Following a week of education, the MDS team sent a digital booklet to recap the week’s high points, tips, and tools to all the participants. A digital leave behind for an additional touchpoint for the event and a reference tool for the future.

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Starwood Luxury Privileges Custom Box and Materials

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Luxury Privileges Program

Custom Box & Collateral

Starwood’s Luxury Privileges program is invitation-only to select professionals who cater to the luxury leisure traveler. This package is sent out to those chosen professionals. It contains a program benefits brochure, three hotel and resort directories, a 10-year calendar, pens, sticky note pads, and a welcome letter.

Starwood LPP Box Brochure
Starwood LPP Box Directory of Hotels
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Marriott Digital Services Brochure of Offerings


Marriot Digital Services

Print Brochure & Digital FlipBook

Rebrand the image for Marriott’s Digital Services division. Create a brochure that shares the Digital Services by Marriott programs and the menu of services it provides their clients in print and digital versions. This allowed them to provide different options to share with prospective clients in person or virtually.

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Starwood Team HOT Properties Directory and Shipping Box

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Division: Team HOT

Shipping Box & Properties Directory

Starwood previously made small separate property books for each region—this became cumbersome for the salespeople. Color 9 Creative created a user-friendly book to help the salespeople quickly find a hotel or resort at any of Starwood’s properties worldwide. Not only was the book a huge success, but they also loved that the directories arrived in a box that looked like a suitcase to each sales location.

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Gateway Computer Manufacture's Annual Reports


Computer Manufacturer

Annual Reports

The first annual report ever created for Gateway looked and felt like it was created from their actual iconic cow spotted box. The following year was about the transformation of Gateway turning into a global powerhouse. Hence the cow with its spots transformed into a map of the world. The third annual report was a book that represented where they began and how they had not strayed from its roots.