Strengthen Your Brand

9 Tips to
a Better Brand

Branding Attibutes


1 Most have a Clear Vision. What does the business stand for? Where is it headed? What makes it distinctive?

2 The Brand Promise starts at the top. The organization’s leaders need to Own and be Zealous about the Brand Promise.

3 | Most build TRUST. The first building block of a brand.

| Make an emotional connection/relationship with your customer. The brand is what consumers/clients say about you, not what you say you are.

| Set yourself apart. We notice what is different.

6 Be consistently consistent. Look at all the touchpoints/interactions the organization has with customers. Are they all consistent with each other and the brand?

7 | Stay Relevant. Need to meet people’s wants and perform to meet or exceed their expectations 

8 | Properly Positioned. Maximizes particular niche(s) in consumers’/clients’ minds.

9 | Does the brand make sense, and is it believable? A living Brand is a pattern of behavior, not a slick exterior. Playground

Touch Points

Sometimes it’s the little things that speak loudly about your brand:

  • How the phones are answered
  • Impression when someone walks into your office
  • What you wear and how you smell
  • Is your bathroom leaving a crappy impression?
  • Does reality = perception?
A brand is not built overnight but over time. Just like a 98-pound weakling will take time to turn into a body builder, a brand takes time to build and become strong.