Brand Consulting

3 Ways to Build Your Brand


Branding isn’t only about how you look and sound; it starts way before you should be building those two “elements” of your brand. Your brand sets the tone, direction, and culture of your business and how you work and interact with others internally and externally, not just your customers and clients.

Color 9 Creative offers a range of options to discover or rediscover what your Authentic Brand is. From a DIY approach to walking through every step of the process with you and/or your team.

The Do It Yourself Approach (Free): Color 9 Creative has built and is always adding to “the Art of Branding” workbook that will help you dig deep into many facets of your company that are the foundation of your brand. You can download some of the worksheets from the Color 9 brand workbook on the “Branding Checklist” page.

Combination of DIY & Consulting (Hourly Rate): Start with the DYI option, then partner with Color 9 to go deeper. You can download specific worksheets that you would like to fill out and then hire Color 9 Creative to consult, challenge, and give direction to take your initial thoughts deeper, to mine the elements of your brand. You can also contact Color 9 to customize a set of exercises that fit where you are at in your brand journey and take your brand to the next level. You then can work through those exercises and bring us in to review and build on what you have started.

Color 9 Creative can Walk Through the Whole Process with You. (Price varies per project): We walk through the whole brand process with you and/or you and your team to discover the foundation and build upon your brand. These include exercises that help you look at your company from a different perspective and identify what makes you unique and how to utilize it.

Then let’s team up and build the visual and tone to your brand. Playground


A Few Benefits of Having a Brand

  • Provides business direction and helps navigate decisions
  • Builds the foundation of the company’s culture
  • Gives guidance to internal and external communications
  • Guides the marketing
Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos
Founder of