Websites that Tell Your Story All Day Long

Be accessible 24/7 to all who want to do business with you. In today’s world one of the first places people turn to find information about services, products or what ever they are looking for is online. This gives you the ability to share all of your services, products as well as educational tidbits in one spot to everyone. It must work, you are doing that right now.

D3interiors, Interior Design Firm Website

Interior Design Firm

D3interiors is a premier residential and commercial interior design firm. This site was developed to highlight D3’s capabilities, people and showcase a few of their interiors. While informing prospective clients of their abilities the website ties into the rest of their marketing material to strengthen D3’s brand presents.

The website is also developed to size and be readable for the desktop, tablet and cell phone as well as keep the integrity of the look, content and branding across each platform.

D3interiors Website

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Titanium HVAC
Titanium HVAC

Heating & Cooling Company

A start up company that needed a website that represented the quality of service and attention to detail they provided to their customers. They needed to compete with the bigger HVAC companies that are established and show the personal quality that Titanium provides.

This site is developed to be used on desktop and mobile devices because when you need your heating and cooling system fixed or maintained you may not be at your desktop.

Titanium HVAC Website

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Marriott Dirital Services blog site "Decoded"

Marriott Digital Services

Blog Site Rebrand

The Digital Services division of Marriott wanted to update their blog site for a better user experience, be more current, and tie in with the rest of the rebranded items Color 9 Creative had created.

The "Decoded" site is developed to inform and educate on current digital industry news and happenings that are pertinent in the hospitality industry.

"Decoded" blog site

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Grace Homes

Custom Home Builder

High-end home builder that needed a website that reflected the quality of craftsmanship they put into the homes they build.

We worked with Grace Homes to develop their new brand, moving from “value” in their core marketing material to the new brand focus of “Authentic Craftsmanship” which represents the linage, culture and quality of their homes.

The website is also developed to size and be readable for the desktop, tablet and cell phone as well as keep the integrity of the look, content and branding across each platform.

Grace Homes website

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Advent, An Intellectual Property Law Firm Website
Advent, LLP

An Intellectual Property Law Firm

Rebrand the look and feel of this intellectual law firm to convey a more professional vs boutique image they originally had. Advent does business differently then most other law firms, both with clients as well as their business family (employees). Because of this they don’t what to look like other law firms but still have a professional, current look.

The website is also developed to size and be readable for the desktop, tablet and cell phone as well as keep the integrity of the look, content and branding across each platform.

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GPS Dairy Consulting Website
GPS Dairy Consulting

Dairy Consultants

GPS Dairy Consulting is a professional team of independent dairy nutrition consultants working directly with dairy producer clientele. They needed a site that not only provided prospective clients information about who GPS Dairy is but to also be a resoure for clients to access tools and information to better serve them.

GPS Dairy Consulting Website

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Titan Medical Group Website
Titan Medical Group

Medical Professional Staffing Firm

Titan needed a site that would provide information for both the Traveling Nurses they are recruiting as well as pertinent medical facilities they are placing their nurses in. This site also is part of helping Titan create a strong and consistent marketing image.

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Thermal Services Website
Thermal Services

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

The Thermal Services’ site is developed to highlight both divisions of the company. While Thermal Services is an HVAC company, the commercial side is distinctively different in the types of products and services they perform from the residential side. Plus, the residential customers want to be treated in a different manner than a commercial customer does. Thermal can address each customer to their specific needs.

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Linda Anderson Website
Linda Anderson


The redesign of the Linda Anderson website ties it to the new look and direction the catalog has taken. It creates a more upscale environment with products at affordable prices. The site is designed to be clean and navigate with a minimal amount of clicks so the customer can get to products easily. The home page features a life style image/marketing message.

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Snoopy Store Website
Snoopy Store


This ecommerce site was developed as a joint effort between Concepts Direct’s Snoopy etc. catalog and the Charles Schulz’s company—Creative Associates. The object was to bring to the web the official PEANUTS® ecommerce site with Snoopy™ as the main focus. Above are three of the seasonal "skins" that kept the site fresh and new for the consumer.

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Garfield Stuff Website
Garfield Stuff


An ecommerce site that captured the attitude of the world’s favorite "Fat Cat", Garfield. This is the home page of the Official "Garfield Stuff" online catalog that was developed to tie the Concepts Direct’s "Garfield Stuff" catalog and Paws, Inc. (Jim Davis’ company) Garfield site.

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Genesis Group Website
Genesis Group

On-line Church Marketing

Developed for a company specializing in customized bulletins and communication for churches. A church can build their own bulletins or post cards from the templets and images provided on the site, or send an image of their own. They can also customize the copy on the pieces and add their own name and/or logo. Genesis Group will also offers predesigned bulletins and post cards that can be personalized as well.

Genesis Group is offering the churches an alternative, fresh design and a different approach to communicating with their community. The site also offers other services and free goodies as well.
[Link to Bulletins]

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The Ark Group Website
The Ark Group

National Insurance Brokerage & Planning Company

The primary purpose of this website is to give their clients tools and information to help build their business. They wanted a clean, professional site that would help their clients know that they are working with an industry leader.
The Ark Group Website

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The Cove Lounge and Grill Web Landing Page
The Cove

Lounge and Grill

Web Landing Page

The Cove needed a Web presents that would give them the opportunity to give pertinent information as well as their daily specials and activities—on a very limited budget. This single landing page allowed them to do this and create a brand image too.

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