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Define your brand, and your business will have direction, purpose, and depth. Your brand is the thread that runs through everything you do and every decision you make. Take a look at the Color 9 Brand Checklist and see how you are doing. We can help you develop your brand, or if you already have a brand established, Color 9 can work with you to get your message out to the world.

Design adds value and desire to your product, service, and company. You compete daily to differentiate yourself from your competition, and the initial and long-term visual impressions speak volumes of who you are.

While a picture speaks a thousand words—words communicate the details and tone of the message. What you say and how you say it is determined by your company’s personality and the audience you are speaking to. Creating that personality, tone, image, and other customer interactions for a company are just a few of the elements Color 9 Creative pulls together for their clients. It strengthens interaction with their customers and brand.

We help create the tools for companies to communicate, educate and differentiate themselves to existing and potential customers: from brochures and catalogs to annual reports, ads, and logos to websites—even promotional products to stay in front of your prospects and current clients. We build on exciting brands or help create new ones. Color 9 Creative is here to serve our customers’ needs and strengthen their business… and bottom line.


We start by learning who you are and what makes you shine differently from others. This starts by looking deep into the soul of the company, discovering and planting the flag that is uniquely them. If you are like everyone else, you will compete on price alone. It’s time to build a Brand Strategy.

The Work

Color 9 Creative has had the opportunity to partner with start-up solopreneur to Fortune 500 companies. Building brand assets from print to digital to communicate and educate.
Visit “The Work” tab to see some of the projects we have created with our clients.


We Listen to You! Color 9 can walk through the whole branding process with you, build on the brand you already have, or we can be that second opinion to get more clarity and comfort before moving forward.

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Color 9 Creative is a branding, graphic design, and creative company, but the heart of Color 9 is about our clients, not Color 9. We listen, learn, educate, and create altogether.

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Yes, Color 9 Created These

Here are a few items we have created for our clients to build their brands and communicate with their clients. Check out “The Work” in the navigation bar to see more.

A Few of Our Clients